Preston's Positions on the Issues


The inalienable right to life should extend even to unborn humans. Men and women have rights over to their own body, but a uniquely living human  fetus has its own right to its own body too, and its tendency is to live and grow in intelligence until it reaches advanced adulthood. Most people today agree that partial-birth abortions are bad. Most people also agree that abortions are bad at 8 months. The question is then, at what point is abortion bad? Or, at what point is a living human being violated in its own right.

Because it is such a question nowadays, the best way forward is a legal definition of life. One commonly accepted medical standard which I would support is the presence of a heartbeat. This occurs at about 5-6 weeks.

Given sufficient scientific progress, a parent could remove from itself a living child body, but all responsible parents should maintain legal responsibility for the child (including grandparents if the parent is underage).

Video: Ron Paul discusses abortion on "The View"


Adoption is one of the most expensively complicated and bureaucratic processes on earth, unfortunately, because it is an obvious solution, given the number of unwanted pregnancies. Burdensome laws that make is difficult or impossible for good people to adopt should be stricken.


We have now been at war for at least 16 continuous years. While Afghanistan is our 2nd longest conflict ever, we wage active bombing campaigns in 7 countries. Only recently did we learn that special forces were active in Niger (after 4 Green Berets died in an ambush) but further research reveals: we have active special ops forces in over 100 countries! On top of the loss of life, the loss of our nation's wealth is staggering.

Because of widespread war, we spend at least $600 billion ever year, not including budgets for the VA, CIA or NSA, or other related budgets. We simply do not have money for more worldwide war. It is literally going to bankrupt us, on top of our many other financial obligations (see "The Debt"). Remember, the last world superpower went bankrupt while invading Afghanistan. Over 2 million Afghans died then, and around 45,000 Russians. Everyone lost that war, but it was not the "terrorists" who stopped fighting.

History also shows that WE were supporting Islamic terrorism as early as 1979. Many of the 12,500+ Afghans trained by the CIA undoubtedly fought against us when we invaded in 2001. Many of those we killed in 2001 surely had children, that we fight now in 2018. We could probably continue the invasion of Afghanistan another 16 years, if we can continue printing enough money, but the insurgency will never end unless we invade Pakistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan, too. We are already bombing Pakistan, as most of the militants retreat there when we surge in Afghanistan. Osama Bin Laden was found in Pakistan. This should not have been surprising, as Pakistan was always the base of the CIA- backed Mujahideen in the '80's.

Interestingly enough, the rate of cultivation of opium and production/exportation of heroin in Afghanistan have all exploded since the beginning of our occupation there. Afghanistan may now be the #1 world producer of opiates. At the same time, drug (opioid) overdose in the US has grown to #1 in the world. But of what relevance is this? It's not like the government would ever traffic heroin...

Saddam Hussein NEVER HAD WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION. Nukes are WMDs. Chemical weapons are not. We never found any anyway. Even if Saddam did have them, they were not being used, and regardless, their existence IS NOT A LEGITIMATE REASON TO INVADE A NATION. Iraq presented zero threat to the US. There was no overwhelming conflict in Iraq. It was all about the "inspections". George Bush made some of the worst decisions in American history, and the world is still paying for it today. The US did formerly support Saddam's extensive use of chemical weapons during their war against Iran. We even provided logistics.

ISIS did need to be eliminated, and it was our responsibility to do so. It's estimated: over $1 Billion's worth of Americans weapons made it to ISIS, including Humvees and Abrams tanks. Here are 3 links: Link 1, Link 2. It is disgraceful and unacceptable that the US government deliberately arms terrorists. The sad fact is: it's been happening for decades. THIS MUST END. The CIA was giving weapons to Syrian terrorists in 2011, 3 years before ISIS invaded Iraq from Syria, and John McCain cried the whole time: "Arm the 'moderate' Syrian rebels!"

And don't forget that defense intelligence report from 2012.

Libya is another recent failure of the US Government. Obama, Clinton and McCain lead us to more scandalous war there. The nation and Qaddafi were never a threat to us in America. Nevertheless, we issued 'regime change' and Libya is torn with war to this day. The news doesn't talk about it anymore, though. Before the war, their government is said to have provided universal healthcare. Qaddafi also may have had a plan to drop the dollar and start a new African gold-based currency.

War is unfortunately sometimes necessary to defend the USA from foreign threat. A nuclear North Korea is maybe now the only immediate national threat. We should not talk to them, or about them, except to make it known that we do not want war. We should not run military exercises with the South or be reliant on their military should we have to act. (This alone would be a major deescalation.) If North Korea did begin to act against us, we should annihilate their military (no nukes involved) and let the survivors rebuild once the threat is gone.

The Drug War

In 2013. The cartels regularly behead people. They are essentially terrorists. They control territory in every region of the Americas, and the world, though Mexico has the highest concentration and experiences the worst of it all, to such an extent that its status as a 'failed state' was considered as early as 2009. The primary function of the drug cartels is to provide the United States with illegal drugs. This is where they make most all of their money.

The United Nations banned drugs internationally in '61, Nixon declared war in '71. and it's been chaos ever since. Countless people have died in the crossfire, and drug use only continues to rise. The government cannot even keep drugs out of prisons. No-knock raids kill innocent children in America while drug lords in South America are getting rich and corrupt governments profit everywhere in between.

The price to US taxpayers is at least $1 trillion so far.

Alcohol prohibition failed before, and drug prohibition has failed for years. It simply does not work, and creates its own dangerous black market. Without an illegal drug market, drug cartels cannot survive. Besides, it is immoral to lock someone in a cage whose only offense is getting high. Prohibition makes addicts into criminals who cannot easily seek treatment.

We can end the mass violence on our border OVERNIGHT. Plus, tax dollars from legalization create MASSIVE profits. This can help fix our debt! There are already massive profits in the business, but all the money currently goes black. If it is going to exists, and we can be sure it will never end, then it is best and safest in the legal market. It sounds insane, now after decades of government (pharmaceutical lobbied) propaganda, but places and nations who have moved away from prohibition have only seen improvements.

"Drugs" have been a part of human history since the beginning, but pharmaceutical companies now make so much money that that they control Congress, even as we are in a in a synthetic opioid crisis. Naturally occurring opium, however, used to always be cheap, safe and legal. The problem with it now may only be that it cannot be patented. Freedom and responsibility are most important in the end.

Mike Bost has consistently voted against even recreation marijuana, even though cannabis has many proven health benefits. It is even proven to stimulate harder, faster new bone growth.

The Fed

Audit it.

End it

Civil Asset Forfeiture

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently announced the renewal of the  Department of Justice’s civil asset forfeiture program, to the dismay of  liberty-loving Americans everywhere. Civil asset forfeiture is when law  enforcement takes your property merely under suspicion of a crime, far  from “innocent until proven guilty.”

Stop the Department of Justice’s renewed practice of civil asset forfeiture and bring back the bedrock principle of American jurisprudence – innocent until proven guilty.