Don't expect to see this on cable TV

As usual, the MSM is mostly ignoring them and even helping the cover up.

Congress, pharma lobbyists together fuel the opioid crisis

March 2016: "Majority leader Mitch McConnell introduced the legislation and it passed the Senate with unanimous consent - with no objections or recorded votes. It passed the House the same way, with members of Congress chatting away on the House floor."

This bill should have been repealed yesterday!

"Syrian rebels" shoot down Russian jet, kill pilot

Despite our years-long support for al qaeda-affialiated rebels, the state department claims it has not supplied them with the weapon used, yet Russia complained to the world we were supplying exactly what was used, just a month ago...

US weapons have reportedly flowed to al qaeda for years, and many also come from even lesser accountable "coalition allies" like Saudi Arabia and Qatar.