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If God gives us free will, who is government to take that away?

I am running for Congress because we need real change to happen now. The leadership in Washington has grossly mismanaged our nation, and we are headed towards disaster. The government lies to us, leading us into never-ending military conflict all over the globe. The result has not been peace or security, but rather more conflict and $20,000,000,000,000+ debt. To pay for the reckless spending, we are printing our currency into inflation. Politicians are regularly bribed by special interest "lobbyists," and we are still literally arming terrorists. The people vote Republican to lower spending, but the Republican Congress keeps voting for higher spending. Something has to give. Hopefully Congress will give in to sanity and reform before the economy gives way under debt and higher interest rates.

Vote for real Change!

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How would you like ?


...to keep more of your own money?

Cuts to "discretionary spending" in the budget may immediately translate to real tax relief for everyone. *Over half* the current budget is dedicated to the military! That is: war in Iraq, Afghanistan, and everywhere else.

And would you know that half of the defense budget goes to large corporations (who then spend more money than any other industry to lobby Congress)? It's a clear conflict of interests, and it needs to end. The way money now flows, we can't believe anything we are told about military operations or the defense budget. All we know is that they cannot account for literal trillions.


...to live safe and free on your own property?

Property tax should be the first to go, with a constitutional amendment providing that no citizen shall be charged or taxed for their own(ed), bought-and-paid-for property. CERTAINLY NO MAN'S HOUSE OR PROPERTY SHALL BE SUBJECT TO SEIZURE FOR THE INABILITY TO PAY TAX!

Government's function should be to protect the right and freedom of people, especially property rights.

Not only does the 4th Amendment provide protection against unwarranted searches, but also against SEIZURE of property.


If we would stop actively bombing 7 different nations, daily, then all of this would be possible now.

Moving on to cut wasteful programs and entire agencies that actually work against us, real hope and change is within sight!

This isn't make-believe. We are talking real life, a real candidacy, real possibilities in the real world with real decisions that ARE affecting the lives of not only 330+ million Americans, but countless millions around the world.



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Tell EVERYONE about this campaign. "Hey do you vote? Let me tell you about..." It's really that simple. This is the ultimate grassroots campaign, so I really need the help of every person reading this to spread the word!

And if you want to really get involved, then message me and we'll get together.

What is this all about?


Campaign for Office

I'm running for US Congress from the 12th district in Illinois. I may be considered too young or experienced for national office, but the fact of the matter is; I cannot wait. Our leadership in Washington is unwise, at best.. wicked and corrupt at worst. They have us now on the brink of financial ruin and world-wide nuclear war! Little integrity remains, so it is time for epic change. Fortunately, there are already a few good voices for peace and prosperity in the congress. I pledge to be one more.


Raising Funds

Simple truth is: everything requires money, political campaigns included. Actually, they require a lot of it. Only days in, I'd already spent over $300 of my own! I am up against a 14 year political veteran in Mike Bost. This is why every bit of assistance is so crucial to getting out my message before Bost floods TV and radio waves with political rhetoric. And when he does, be smart, remember to ask: What has he done in all his time to end the wars, to lower the debt, to reform our broken criminal justice system? Not much...

So donate to my campaign and we'll make a difference together.


Vote for Liberty!

I'm a Libertarian and activist now for over 4 years with the Libertarian Party of Illinois. What does that mean? I am staunchly principled. Of course, I understand that at times compromise is necessary to work with the other side(s) to get things done. But unlike some wishy washy Republicans, I'll never raise your taxes or vote to make you less free. In fact, I'd love to run this as a Libertarian, but unfair and unamerican ballot-access laws in Illinois make it impossible. This is one more item on my to-do list for Washington. In the mean time, there are some great, truly Libertarian candidates running for office in Illinois, such as Claire Ball, the only CPA for IL Comptroller.

Dr. Ron Paul

Give credit where credit is due, right? Dr. Paul is like a founding father of modern political sanity. I remember him in 2008 like this cooky old man, out of touch with reality as he spoke about peace on Earth. But he didn't give up, and in 2012 he ran again for President, this time convincing many of us (me) that the fanatical ideas of Peace and Prosperity are not only better than government-forced regulation and the kind of "freedom" delivered via guided missiles, but they are necessary to live in the kind of good and peaceful world that the vast majority of us want. Ron Paul was an educator and he *showed* us how the government can work with the media to mislead and even blatantly lie to the American public.

If I remember correctly, Dr. Paul was #1 in support from both Active Military and young voters and his campaign grew exponentially in the weeks and months before the National Convention. The Republican establishment passed a last-minute rules change (and didn't even count the vote) to ignore all the new Ron Paul delegates and history went that we were stuck with Romney who lost handily to Obama in the general. Despite, Dr. Paul still won Iowa, Minnesota and Nevada.

As a Congressman, he never once voted for a tax increase, and it's said that lobbyists wouldn't even waste their time going into his office. #integrity

Since retiring from Congress, Dr. Paul continues working to inform and educate Americans on many national and world issues. He even started his own Foundation. If you want to understand how a lot of things work in our world, then look him up. Youtube videos are good too.

Dr. Paul, thank you.

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Vote 3/20/2018

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